Guillaume Bottazzi - Solo show - Artiscope Gallery, Brussels

Guillaume Bottazzi  - Solo show

Boulevard Saint Michel, 35 - 1040 Brussels - Belgium

"Guillaume Bottazzi - Art in situ" - Solo show

2014 May 30th / 2014 June 20th

Avec le partenariat de l'Ambassade de France en Belgique

With the partnership of the French Embassy in Belgium

Contemporary art can contribute to the general wellness

We all know our environment undergoes deep changes and the need to take action is mandatory. The artist ‘s in situ art works modify our environment , they open our mind and make us feel good . His artworks, often monumental, in the public spaces, define the territories, give dynamism to activities areas, promote cities and make bridges between different societies and cultures.

Art is a powerful way which participates to develop our cognitive skills, Guillaume Bottazzi’s art work contributes to our self fulfillment and induces us to reinvent ourselves. This atypical solo show invites to travel . It’s immersing us in different circles which intersect; culture, economy, aesthetic, social cohesion, urban structure, art education, politics, and territorial definition. Recent art works are exhibited at ArtiscopeGallery, consisting in oil paintings, fine plaster or ink on canvas and fabric. In situ art works and methodology are also presented as successful examples and reference projects.

Established in 1977, Artiscope quickly became a mayor gallery in Belgium, it specializes in American and European contemporary art. 

Artiscope gallery introduced protagonists of the most important movements in the Italian art of the last decades: from Arte Povera Boetti, Paolini, Penone, Pistoletto and from Transavanguardia Chia, Clemente, Cucchi, Paladino. 

Artiscope has frequently collaborated with public institutions in organizing important exhibitions of contemporary art in Belgian and foreign museums (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Ixelles Museum and Horta Museum in Brussels, PMMK in Oostende, Museum voor Sierkunst in Gent, Belvedere in Prague, Noordbrabants Museum in s'Hertogenbosch…).


Boulevard Saint Michel, 35 - 1040 Bruxelles - Belgique
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